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Meet The Expert - Lesley & Shaun Meredith Photography

Choosing your wedding photographer is one of the most important decisions throughout your planning process you will make.

Making sure your wedding photographer is able to capture all of the most important elements of your big day and truly understands the vision you have for your photography is crucial.

Having worked alongside Lesley and Shaun on a number of weddings throughout the years, I can assure you are in safe hands.

Meet Lesley & Shaun Meredith

Lesley, please tell me more about you and about your business?

Thanks for asking for a little bio about us John. We are a passionate full time award winning husband and wife team. We have been capturing beautiful weddings together for over 20 years. It’s probably more of a way of life for us than a profession, even in our down time we will chat happily for hours about weddings.

We have 3 gorgeous grown up boys who all now live in Australia with their partners, we try to visit them all once a year. At home we have twin Bengal fur babies ‘Milo and Mila’ who keep us amused when we are editing and who also help us to relax by going out for long walks with them.

How did you become a professional wedding photographer and what do you love about shooting weddings ?

Wow this could to be a really long answer but I’ll try to keep it short. Two of the most important men in my life were both keen amateur photographers, my grandfather and my dad. I had my first SLR camera at the age of six and spent lots of time at the weekends hanging around dark rooms, film, lenses and cameras. Now skip forward 25 years...

After I became a mother myself my love of photography was rekindled and that is where the story takes off again from taking images of my own children to being asked to take them of other peoples and eventually being asked to shoot a wedding, it was bound to happen it was fate! The mix of adrenalin and nervousness after accepting this challenge drove me to think ‘if I’m going to do it I’m going to do it well’ and thankfully I did and loved every single minute of both the planning and the capturing! From then on wedding bookings just snow balled and Shaun also being a creative person himself enthusiastically joined me.

We quickly gained a reputation of doing a great job for our couples so, in the space of a couple of years it quickly turned into a full time profession. Not one day in the last 20+ years have we ever regretted our decision to be wedding photographers it’s the typical cliche ‘find something you love and you’ll never work a day in your life’, even what is considered the most time consuming part of our job the post digital wed-editing gets us up in the morning because we still have that same buzz seeing the images as we did on that very first wedding we shot.

We keep everything ‘in house’ because we took the images and know exactly how we want them to look for our couples from the moment we pressed that shutter button. All our work is seen as shot in camera as we prefer our work to remain ‘honest’.

How do you describe your wedding photography style and what gives you inspiration?

Our style is very editorial/documentary letting the images do the story telling with a touch of glamour thrown in the mix too, we also love to use natural daylight whenever possible as WYSIWYG (what you see is what you get). We present all our couples with images that are clean/crisp with no filters added because ‘real life’ is already beautiful.

We also take lots of inspiration from our son ‘ROBERT MEREDITH PHOTOGRAPHY’ who is a very talented journalistic style wedding photographer across the other side of the world in Sydney, we chat about all things wedding and he helps keep us current with what todays couples expect from their wedding day coverage this ensures that we continue to evolve and do not become stale even after 20+ years. We are also inspired by the way our couples individually style their wedding day, some will be black tie affairs and very sophisticated, some with be sleek and stylish others will be almost fairytale like, no two weddings are ever alike which is what makes it all a joy to capture!

How could we not be inspired by that?

What information do you need from couples before their wedding day?

At the booking process usually a number of months/years prior to our couples big day very little information is needed other than the date/location. That date will then be set aside for our couple and all other enquiries will immediately be turned away. All the finer details will then be discussed much closer to their big day when nothing is going to change in the interim.

What do you feel couples should look for when booking a professional wedding photographer like you?

All couples have an idea of what they would like their images to look like so it’s important for them to find a photographer who’s style excites them and encompasses everything that they would like to see remaining from their own day eg. Details, documentary, bridal portraits, family groups. Checking photographers feeds on social media for consistently good images covering all aspects of a wedding day unfolding are a must! all images must be worthy of standing alone. Ask to see several weddings or galleries then trust your gut feeling just like you did when choosing your venue ‘you will know if it’s right for you’.

From working alongside you for a number of years you are extremely passionate about what you do, what do you think sets you apart from other wedding photographers?

There are some amazing creative photographers out there and the only thing that possibly sets us apart is our own unique ‘signature’ style which has naturally developed over the years, its a bit like a fingerprint and recognisable at a glimpse.

We are always friendly, professional and approachable just like yourself and will always endeavour to over deliver on our couples expectations, we are also happy to promise 100% satisfaction.

Shaun and I are both full time award winning photogs so neither of us need direction to capture fab images. Shaun will spend the early part of the day with the G2B and his guys and I will hang with the B2B and her girls capturing all their excitement unfolding. Shaun is my left hand I am his right, we are each confident knowing that each other are covering all the necessary moments.

What has been the most memorable experience you've had within your career as a professional wedding photographer?

Our most memorable experience was receiving the title of ‘Craftsman With Distinction’ for our wedding work over 20 years ago, this was the pinnacle of our career receiving the highest accolade for our work from our ‘industry’ peers, pro’s who really knew their stuff, who’s work we admired and who were at the top of their game. Knowing that our work satisfied their stringent criteria gave us huge belief in our abilities, this meant more to us than any other award we have won over the years and has helped us to go from strength to strength.

What advice you would give to couples looking at booking a photographer for their wedding?

If your lasting memories are high on your list of priorities book your preferred photog as soon as you have booked your dream wedding venue. This is the one thing you really shouldn’t take chances with.

The more sought after photographers are often booked up as far away as 2-3 years ahead so make it a priority and put it second on your ‘to do’ list.

With the boom of social media we have seen a massive change over the years to how a couple secure their photographer, years ago couples needed to meet their photographer before they booked them to see if they would like having that person alongside them directing them all day (it used to be very more hands on) however these days a skilled photographer knows how to blend into the background to capture what is naturally unfolding in front of them and only stepping in with direction when needed so, with so much to see online these days you can get a feel for them, it’s not as crucial to meet them face to face prior to your big day anymore. It’s more important than anything that you like their work and let’s face it our feelings are what make us decide if most things are right for us.

And finally, how do couples book you?

Our couples secure their date with a booking fee which is generally anywhere between 1-3 years prior to their big day, we are then working for them from that very moment onwards. Ending on our favourite piece of advice ‘the best part about your memories is making them’.

Enjoy your wedding day!

Les & Shaun xxx


If you would like more information about Lesley & Shaun please check out their links below

www.lesleymeredith.co.uk @lesleymeredithphotography

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